3 New Resources To Inspire Your Wanderlust

For me, inspiring wanderlust is not hard to do—I just have to walk out the front door and I’ve got the bug to pack my bags and see a new horizon. But for helping those who need something a little more than a foot, here are three great companies who are unrolling new features that just happen to make travelling that much more fun, and more tempting, to try.

1. Airbnb City Hosts

Local-loving travelers who have come to know Airbnb as their easy budget saving accommodation tool are going to rejoice because City Hosts are here to take everything to the next level. Featuring a handful of cities—from Paris to Tokyo—Airbnb has designed specific experiences to get travels immersed in the local flavor, and authentic tastes of your travel destination, led by local experts themselves. From the electronic dance scene in Cape Town to the textile artists of Florence, this new feature is bound to completely transform how we all travel—and I’ve got a sneaky feeling it’s going to be really good.

While this feature is still in beta for the time being, it won’t be long before City Hosts is open to the general public and all of us are going to be able to rock it with the locals all over the world. I, for one, can’t wait.

2. Instagram Stories

A lot of people I follow on social media have been using Instagram Stories to get people to follow them on SnapChat, but I personally prefer the Insta layout and am pumped about this added feature.

With the same disappear style but with less of that tweeny bopper feel, Insta Stories makes it easy for me to share my pictures and then shoot a video to capture my in-the-moment place. You can upload Boomerangs, Hyperlapses, and decorate with filters as well, which means there’s plenty of customization available. You can pick you viewers, and all the Stories from the people you follow are conveniently located at the top of that app for easy access. As a first experience, the Stories are definitely in their trial period, but I’m excited to see the updates that are bound to come out in the future.

3. Parachute by MapQuest

Gone are the days when we needed to print out instructions from MapQuest for directions to Disney World, but the site’s app has made it easy for us to bypass the paper trail and now it’s aim is to give travelers more ideas on where to go.

Parachute is for the travel blog reader who likes to get the local flavor straight from the horses mouth, and it’s got tips for everything from how to spend 48 hours in Berlin to getting the best out of a shopping trip in the medina of Marrakech. The best part is that you can find things as big as London and as localized as Cesky Krumlov meaning you’ve got a plethora of content to get inspired from. Plus, if you’re a writer in your own right, you can always sign up to be a contributor and share your own travel opinions with the world.

So whether it’s off to a location an hour away or eleven hours away, these three updates are sure to make your travel experiences that much richer, and that much more wanderlust worthy. Until next time…bon voyage! 

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