What To Do With All Those Travel Photos

One of my favorite things to do once I get back from a place I’ve been travelling is to go through all the photographs I’ve taken and tell people all my stories.

Now I’ve read on multiple occasions, and have been told repeatedly, that this royally annoys people because they thing you’re bragging. And maybe it is a little bit of bragging. But I sit through hours and hours of my friends and family talking about work, babies, and the things in their lives, so I do not have one ounce of guilt talking about mine. If they wanted to travel, they could beat the obstacles themselves and just go.

But the real thing about my photographs is that I like to be surrounded by them. I am immersed in a moment of clarity when I look at the Pego de Inferno plastered on the wall next to my hostel bed reminds me what it felt like to canon ball into the freezing pool from the rope swing. Or with the Roman street and mint green Vespa that fills my iPhone background; all it takes is one text to me right back in the cobblestone avenues, holding a panini and taking in the bustle around me. It’s why when I get home I’m not satisfied with just leaving my pictures on the camera card, but putting them out for me, and the rest of the world to see.

So if you’re really into the Instagram game and want to do something a little more tangible, check out these cool ways to integrate your shots into the everyday.

  • Print some stamps. What’s more awesome than designing your own custom stamps? Check out all the great options from Picture It Postage, and get more bang for that thank-you card or postcard that you pop into the mail.
  • Create your own phone case. The thing about your pictures is you want to make sure they’re useful and aren’t just collecting dust, and with a phone case, hopefully you’ll be getting a lot of use out of it! Check out Casetify for turning your photos into an Android or iPhone case.
  • Make great souvenirs for your family and friends on a budget. Social Print Studio is one of my favorite websites for turning my pictures into creative gifts. From hardbound photo books of my travels (I send these to my parents!) to magnets for my friends, it’s a personalized way to say I was thinking about you. I also like to grab a couple of Santa Cruz framed pics when I get a chance; they just make such great decorations.
  • Make your own postcards. If you are one for doing some of your own design work, try out Moo for creating personalized ways to keep in touch with your friends and family, and to share your story and your perspective. If you bulk buy it’s not any more expensive than buying them where you are, and you’re getting all the credit for the killer views!

What do you do with all of your travel photos? Stick them in an album? Wallpaper one wall until it’s full? Send your habits, ideas and pictures, I’d love to see them!

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